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Estate Planning

Simple or complex, your estate is a legal matter.  We have helped hundreds of clients plan for the passing of their estates and deal with isues of incapacity. Whether it is a simple probate avoidance trust, powers of attorney, or a complex estate plan involving tax planning, credit and marital trusts, ILITs, business succession, or other specialty trusts, we make sure we understand your circumstances and needs. We are not a trust mill - each client receives individual, specific, tailored advice handled by an attorney from start to finish.

Probate & Trust Administration

When a person dies with a trust, will, or perhaps no estate plan at all, trustees, executors, heirs and beneficiaries need help navigating the often confusing and complex steps required to settle an estate.   We represent trustees in trust administration, executors and administrators in probate proceedings, and heirs and beneficiaries when their interests need knowledgeable and experienced legal representation.  Whatever your situation when someone dies, we can help.

Business Transactions

We have assisted numerous clients to create corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships, and other business structures.  We also help clients understand what those forms of business mean.  Once established, businesses require contract work of all kinds, whether a buy-sell agreement between owners, commercial contracts with vendors, or business sale and wind-up agreements.  We help clients understand and protect their interests as they navigate their business environment. 


When plans go wrong following a person's death, heirs and beneficiaries often find themselves in the midst of threatened or ongoing litigation.  The business environment is a world of frequent exposure to liabilities and lawsuits. When it is necessary  to pursue relief for clients through litigation or to protect and defend them when they are the target of litigation, we bring over 25 years of experience to the table representing trust, estate and business clients in all levels of state and federal court.

Your estate is a legal matter

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